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priceza php script perbandingan harga comparison price php script v5.0

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priceza php script perbandingan harga comparison price php script v5.0. Price Comparison Script V5.0
Four Views of Price Comparison Script

Script has four panels.

1. Front end
This is the area where visitors visit and browse/search for the product.
These visitors after searching or deciding for a product are redirected to merchant website where actual purchase for that product takes place.

2. Merchant area (online store area)
This is the area where merchants login and manage their account. Some of the features of merchant area are to manage company profile, manage Tax amount, manage data feeds, manage prices for their products, view reports, pay for the subscription charges or per click charges and manage prices for the products.

If admin give merchants privileges, merchants can also add new products into the database.
BUT it is recommended that you do not give such privileges to merchants. Script supports both.

3. Administrator area (that is YOU)
This is the most important area. This is the area where you manage categories, products, merchants, prices and everything related to the website.
Here you can also setup crawlers to crawl websites to get products and prices. You can also edit language files so that the site language is changed language other than English.

4. Affiliate area
In this area your affiliates login. There they can see the commissions they have earned by sending visitors/buyers to your website and can also see their payment history, can update how they want to be paid.

In this the area they can also Download the CSV or XML datafeeds of your website products so that they can promote them and redirect traffic to your website.
It is just like an affiliate program of shopzilla, yahoo shopping, (in business model) where you are sending traffic to them (a price comparison website) which inturn sends traffic to the merchant (online store) website for actual sale.

5. Members/Visitors area
In this area your site visitors can setup the price alerts, wishlists, post comments, reviews, discussions. If you have cashback addon installed then they can also earn the cashback on the purchases they have made.

Salient Features of Price Comparison Script v6

General Features:

Multi language support.
Multi currency support.
Search engine friendly pages.
Add unlimited categories/products/merchants/prices
Automatic import of datafeeds/CSV/XML files
Automatic products addition
Automatic import of products from CJ/linkshare/shopzilla/icecat/amazon/Ebay using XML api
Automatic crawl of websites to gather data.
Automatic sitemap generator as well as google sitemap generator.
Automatic keywords, page titles, meta tags generator.
Custom Meta tags and page titles.
Custom Content Management System (CMS) from where you can edit text, add images, add links and edit meta tags.
W3C compliant homepage.
HTML sitemap, TEXT sitemap as well as Google sitemap.
Automatic thumbnail generation using GD or imagemagick.
Clickthrough tracking and reporting.
Spam blocking features to prevent spam on your site.
Google Analytics feature.
Different predesigned templates to choose from and custom designing options.
Tell a friend feature.
Attractive merchant profiles page with information on their payment methods supported, their verifications.
Easy ways to create new pages in the system.
Minified css and js files.
Used sprites and css images wherever possible.
Better languages management.
Better and accurate searche results.
Speed improvements.
Product filters & search filters
Product comparison by features

Auto DataFeed Import
This addon will Download datafeeds from different merchants servers (or affiliate services like tradedoubler, affiliatewindow, linkshare, performics, cj -unbundled-) using FTP or HTTP and then will unzip (or untar or unGzip) them and then import those feed files into the system. Before importing feed file in database webmaster can setup to automatically perform filter tasks on the file like replace, split, insert.

Administrator Area:

Unlimited categories supported (at unlimited depth).
Unlimited products under each category supported.
Unlimited merchants (online stores) supported.
Unlimited products per merchants supported.
Unlimited data feed import (server and hardware restrictions apply) supported.
Data feed export supported.
Unlimited brands supported and search by brands.
Auto-Crawler, for crawling merchants websites to get products and prices
(It is useful if a particular merchant dont support datafeeds)
Data Feed Import, for importing products from any affiliate data feed and automatically creating products. Supports virtually every format of datafeeds.
Banner management (Google ad sense banners supported).
Currency management. Multiple currencies supported.
Multiple administrators.
User rights for admin users.
Admin area can be translated now.
Show product images on hover in Manage Products.
Future Schedule for daily deal section.
Newsletter unsubscribe link while sending newsletter email.
Different clickthrough rate for every category. Cascade the top-level category rates to their childs.
Allow admin to change affiliate passwords.
Automatic category mapping based on the keywords and ignore keywords added for each category.
Tags creator. It will have an interface to create script tags that will show our product(s) on pages where these tags are called.
Email template editing from within admin panel.
Languages management. Multiple languages supported.
News management.
Packages management. These packages are for merchants.
Registered members management.
Email to registered members.
Management of newsletter categories.
Newsletter management for subscribed members.
Sending newsletter to the subscribed members.
Manage affiliates.
Approve affiliates commissions.
Send affiliates payments.
Generate CSV and XML affiliate datafeeds for your affiliates

Category wise products with lowest prices from merchants.
Merchant wise click through report.
Merchant wise payment report.
Monthly click through.
Yearly click through.
Keywords searched by the visitors.
Product ratings review and approval.
Merchant rating review and approval.
Click through and package payment verification.
Merchants proposed products review and verification (based on your settings).

Front end:
PHP template based design.
Table less design for homepage and other important ranking pages (like category page, products listing page, product price comparison, login and register pages).
Interactive Product catalog.
Featured products on homepage.
Featured brands on homepage.
Product search by keyword or manufacturer code (part no).
Search tag cloud.
Recent searches on the website.
Product rating.
Merchant rating.
Newsletter subscription.
Latest Site News listing and ability for visitors to leave comments on news.
Visitor activity history saving recent searches by visitor, recent visited products and wish list.
Price alert subscription so that member is emailed when price for a product reaches certain level.
Email to a friend so that member can refer site or product to others.
Discussion area for visitors for each product.
Compare products by feature.
Compare prices for a product.
Shipping cost calculation.
Tax calculation.
Top stores ranking based on click through.
Merchant profiles.
Social networking support (websites page on Facebook, twitter, linked In, etc).
Social networking share on all products in listings and on product page.
Facebook login and register.
Shortlist products using FEATURE FILTERS.
Newsletters features improved.
Support for selection of Product of the Days at future date.
Geo plugin enhancement to get visitor location and provide them a better experience.
Improved SEO URLs.

XML API Integration:

Linkshare XML API
Kelkoo XML API
Shopzilla XML API
Google XML API
Icecat XML API (as an addon)
Amazon XML API (as an addon)
Ebay XML API (as an addon)

Integration with different XML API programme

We also have price comparison script fully powered with XML API, yahoo shopping XML api, shopzilla XML api, Pricerunner XML api, Pricegrabber XML api.



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